Unitrap (Universal Moth Trap)

These are only a selection of several combinations of colours; IPS can offer any combinations of colours required, along with the option of having your company logo embossed on the lid.

Our Unitrap is the original funnel trap with the trademark being filed in 1997.

Why use Unitraps?

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Well constructed and durable, lasting many years if looked after properly
  • Useful for trapping many larger species of moths which cannot be effectively caught by sticky boards in delta and jackson type traps
  • Useful for heavy pest populations when sticky traps require regular changes as they become become rapidly saturated with moths.
  • Useful for trapping in dusty environments

Instructions for Assembling Unitrap

(1) Place the pheromone-infused rubber septa inside the cage, and close with cap.
(2) Place this closed cage in the hole at the centre of the trap lid.
(3) Place the trap lid onto the funnel, making sure to push the caps on the underside of the trap lid onto the spokes protruding from the top of the funnel.
(4) Push the funnel onto the bucket and twist clockwise to seal the container. 
(5) If permited, place 1 DDVP (dichlorvos killing strip) inside the bucket
(6) If DDVP strips are banned in your country, we offer an alternative sticky trap which can be used to kill the trapped moths.
(7) Check traps on a regular basis, at least twice a week. 
(8) We recommend replacing the pheromone dispensers every 4 weeks to achieve optimum results.