Delta Trap

Why use Delta traps?

Delta traps are ideal for monitoring small to medium sized moths. The Delta trap is used with a sticky insert (20x20cm) to catch the moths.

Delta traps are (1) Easy to set up (2) Easy to maintain (3) Cheap (4) Reuseable and (5) Durable.

Delta traps supplied by IPS can be used multiple times, made from strong corrugated plastic applied with UV resistant coating; they are resistant to rain and degradation by sunlight.

Each Delta trap kit comes with: 1 Delta trap, 1 Wire hanger and 3 Sticky inserts

We can also supply a lure holder. The lure holder allows easy maintenance as sticky inserts filled with insects can be removed with ease without touching the pheromone lure.Delta traps are available in white, green and red. We can also supply the Delta traps with your logo printed on the side of each trap. Please enquire for further details.

Assembly of Delta Traps

1) Open the flat packed Delta trap.
(2) Slot the 2 flaps on one side of the trap into the slits.
(3) Place sticky insert inside the base of the Delta trap and
slot the remaining 2 flaps into the slits to secure the sticky
(4) If using a lure holder, put one pheromone lure into the
basket of the lure holder and slot the lure holder into the
apex of the delta trap (with the basket containing the
pheromone directly above the sticky insert).
(5) If a lure holder is not used, place the lure on its side in
the centre of the sticky insert.
(6) Use the holes at the apex of the delta trap to thread
through the wire hanger.
(7) Make sure the wire hanger is secured to the Delta trap.
(8) Hang the delta trap on a branch 1.5-2.0m on the canopy
of the tree.

Monitoring of Delta Traps

(1) Use one pheromone dispenser per trap at a density of 2
traps per hectare.
(2) Hang the traps 1.5-2.0m on the canopy level of the trees.
(3) It is important to space the traps at least 40m apart to prevent the traps from interfering with each other.
(4) Trapping density should be adjusted to the infestation level with a higher trap density being adopted for higher infestations.
(5) Check traps on a regular basis; at least twice a week.
(6) It is recommended to replace the pheromone dispensers every 4 weeks to achieve optimum results.
(7) Replace the sticky inserts when they become filled with
dust or insects.