See the table below for a list of pests that our products can help control.

Scientific Name Common Name Pest Damage
Acleris rhombana Rhomboid Tortrix Leaves
Acrolepiopsis assectella Leek Moth Leaves/Stem
Adoxophyes orana Summer Fruit Tortrix Fruits/Leaves
Agrotis exclamationis Heart and Dart Moth Whole Plant
Agrotis fucosa Common Cutworm Whole Plant
Agrotis ipsilon Black Cutworm Whole Plant
Agrotis segetum Turnip Moth Whole Plant
Alabama argillacea Cotton Leaf Worm Leaves/Bolls
Amblyptilia acanthadactyla Plume Moth Whole Plant
Anarsia lineatella Peach Twig Borer Twigs/Branches/Trunk
Archips argyrospila Fruit Tree Leaf Roller Leaves/Buds/Fruit
Archips crataegana Brown Oak Tortrix Leaves/Buds/Fruit
Archips podana Large Fruit Tree Tortrix Fruits/Leaves
Archips rosana Rose Tortrix Leaves/Fruit/Flowers
Archips semiferana Oak Leaf Roller Leaves
Archips xylosteana Apple Leaf Roller Leaves/Fruitlets
Argyrotaenia citrana Orange Tortrix Leaves/Buds
Argyrotaenia pulchellana Polyphageous Leaf Roller Fruits/Leaves
Argyrotaenia velutinana Red Banded Leaf Roller Fruits/Leaves
Autographa californica Alfafa Looper Leaves
Autographa gamma Silver Y Moth Leaves
Busseola fusca Maize Stalk Borer Leaves/Stem
Cacoecimorpha pronubana Carnation Tortrix Leaves/Buds
Camereria ohridella Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner Leaves
Carposina niponensis Peach Fruit Moth Fruit
Chilo partellus Spotted Stalk Borer Leaves/Stem
Chilo suppressalis Asiatic Rice Borer Leaves/Stem
Choristoneura murinana Silver Fir Shoot Tortrix Moth Leaves/Buds
Choristoneura rosaceana Obligue Banded Leaf Roller Leaves/Buds/Fruit
Chrysodeixis chalcites Tomato Looper Moth Fruits/Leaves
Clepsis spectrana Cabbage Leaf Roller Leaves/Flowers
Clysia ambiguella Grape Bud Moth Buds/Fruit
Cnephasia interjectana Flax Tortrix Leaves/Flowers
Cnephasia longana Omnivorous Leaf Tier Leaves/Flowers/Shoots
Cnephasia pumicana Cereal Tortrix Fruits/Leaves
Cnephasia virgaureana Flax Tortrix Leaves/Flowers
Coleophora laricella Larch Case Bearer Leaves
Cossus cossus Goat Moth Trunk
Cryptoblabes gnidiella Christmas Berry Moth Whole Plant
Cryptophlebia batrachopa Fruit Borer Fruit
Cryptophlebia leucotreta False Codling Moth Fruit
Cydia fagiglandana Beech Moth Fruit
Cydia janthinana Hawthorn Berry Moth Fruit
Cydia nigricana Pea Moth Seeds
Cydia pomonella Codling Moth Fruit
Cydia pyrivora Pear Moth Fruit
Cydia splendana Chestnut Tortrix Fruit
Diaphania hyalinata Melon Worm Fruits/Leaves
Diaphania nitidalis Pickle Worm Flowers/Fruit
Duponchelia fovealis European Pepper Moth Whole Plant
Earias insulana Spiny Bollworm Buds/Fruit
Earias vittella Rough (Spotted) Bollworm Buds/Fruit
Ectomyelois ceratoniae Carob Moth Fruit
Enarmonia formosana Cherry Bark Moth Trunk
Endopiza viteana Grape Berry Moth Flowers/Fruit
Ephestia elutella Tobacco Moth Leaves
Ephestia kuehniella Mediterranean Flour Moth Fruit/Seeds
Epichoristodes acerbella African Carnation Tortrix Whole Plant
Epiphyas postvittana Light Brown Apple Moth Fruit
Etiella zinckenella Lima Bean Pod Borer Fruit
Eulia ministrana Raspberry Leaf Roller Leaves
Eupoecilia ambiguella Vine Moth Buds/Flowers/Fruit
Euzophera bigella Quince Moth Trunk
Euzophera pinguis Olive Pyralid Moth Trunk
Evergestis forficalis Garden Pebble Leaves
Gortyna xanthenes Artichoke Moth Whole Plant
Grapholita funebrana Plum Moth Buds/Fruit
Grapholita lobarzewskii Smaller Fruit Tortrix Fruit
Grapholita molesta Oriental Fruit Moth Branches/Shoots/Leaves/Fruit
Gypsonoma aceriana Poplar Shoot Moth Branches/Shoots/Leaves
Hedya nubiferana Marbled Orchard Tortrix Leaves/Buds/Fruit
Helicoverpa armigera Cotton Bollworm Fruits/Leaves
Helicoverpa assaulta Oriental Tobacco Budworm Leaves/Fruit/Flowers
Helicoverpa viriplaca Flax Budworm Leaves/Fruit
Heliothis punctigera Australian Budworm Leaves/Shoots/Buds/Fruit
Heliothis virescens Tobacco Budworm Leaves/Buds
Heliothis zea Corn Earworm Moth Whole Plant
Homona coffearia Tea Tortrix Leaves
Hydraecia micacea Rosy Rustic Moth Roots
Jodia croceago Orange Upper Wing Moth Leaves
Keiferia lycopersicella Tomato Pin Worm Leaves/Stems/Fruit
Laspeyresia medicaginis Alfalfa Moth Seeds
Laspeyresia nigrican Pea Moth Seeds
Laspeyresia splendana Chestnut Tortrix Buds/Fruit
Leucania loreyi Cosmopolitan Moth Whole Plant
Leucinodes orbonalis Eggplant Fruit Borer Fruits/Leaves
Leucoptera scitella Pear Blister Moth Leaves
Leucoptera malifoliella Pear Leaf Blister Moth Leaves
Lobesia botrana European Grapevine Moth Buds/Flowers/Fruit
Loxostege sticticalis Beet Webworm Leaves
Lymantria dispar Gypsy Moth Leaves
Lymantria monacha Black Arches Moth Leaves
Mamestra brassicae Cabbage Moth Leaves
Mamestra configurata Bertha Army Worm Leaves
Mamestra oleracea Bright-Line Brown Eye Moth Leaves
Mythimna unipuncta Army Worm Leaves/Stem
Neoleucinodes elegantalis Tomato Fruit Borer Fruit
Opogona sacchari Banana Moth Fruit/Trunk/Branches
Orgyia antiqua Vapourer Moth Leaves
Orthosia gothica Hebrew Character Moth Fruits/Leaves
Orthosia gracilis Powdered Quaker Moth Leaves
Orthosia stabilis Common Quaker Moth Leaves
Ostrinia furnacalis Asian Corn Borer Leaves/Fruit/Stem
Ostrinia nubilalis (cis) (Z strain) European Corn Borer Whole Plant
Ostrinia nubilalis (hybrid) European Corn Borer Whole Plant
Ostrinia nubilalis (trans) (E strain) European Corn Borer Whole Plant
Pammene fasciana Chestnut Leaf Roller Fruits/Leaves
Pandemis cerasana Barred Fruit Tree Tortrix Fruits/Leaves
Pandemis heparana Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix Fruits/Leaves
Palpita unionalis Jasmine Moth Leaves/Buds/Fruit
Panolis flammea Pine Beauty Moth Leaves
Paranthrene tabaniformis Dusky Clear Wing Moth Trunk
Pectinophora gossypiella Pink Bollworm Buds/Fruit
Pennisetia hylaeiformis Raspberry Clear Wing Moth Trunk/Branches
Peridroma saucia Pearly Underwing Moth Fruits/Whole Plant
Phthorimaea operculella Potato Tuber Moth Leaves/Roots/Stem
Phyllocnistis citrella Citrus Leaf Miner Leaves
Phyllonorycter blancardella Apple Leaf Miner Moth Leaves
Phyllonorycter corylifoliella Hawthorn Midget Moth Leaves
Plodia interpuctella Indian Meal Moth Stored Products
Plutella xylostella Diamond Back Moth Leaves/Fruit/Stem
Prays citri Citrus Plover Moth Fruits/Leaves
Prays oleae Olive Moth Fruits/Leaves
Proeulia auraria Chilean Fruit Leaf Roller Fruits/Leaves
Ptycholoma lecheana Leche’s Twist Moth Fruits/Leaves
Rhyacionia buoliana Pine Shoot Moth Leaves
Rhyacionia duplana Summer Shoot Moth Leaves
Scrobipalpa ocellatella Purple Stem Borer Leaves/Stem
Sesamia calamistis Pink Maize Borer Stem/Whole Plant
Sesamia cretica Durra Stem Borer Stem/Whole Plant
Sesamia inferens Purple Stem Borer Stem/Whole Plant
Sesamia nonagrioides Corn Stalk Borer Stem/Whole Plant
Sesia apiformis Hornet Moth Trunk/Branches
Sitotroga cerealella Angoumois Grain Moth Stored Products
Sparganothis pilleriana Grape Leaf Roller Leaves/Buds/Fruit
Spilonota ocellana Bud Moth Fruit/Shoots/Leaves
Spodoptera eridaria Southern Army Worm Fruits/Leaves
Spodoptera exempta African Army Worm Leaves/Stem/Shoots
Spodoptera exigua Beet Army Worm Leaves/Stem/Shoots
Spodoptera frugiperda Fall Army Worm Fruits/Whole Plant
Spodoptera littoralis African Cotton Leafworm Fruits/Leaves
Spodoptera litura Oriental Leafworm Moth Leaves
Spodoptera sunia Costa Rican Army Worm Leaves
Synanthedon myopaeformis Red Belted Clearwing Moth Twigs/Branches/Trunk
Synanthedon pictipes Lesser Peach Tree Borer Twigs/Branches/Trunk
Synanthedon tipuliformis Currant Clearwing Moth Twigs/Branches/Trunk
Syndemis musculana Leaf Roller Moth Leaves
Tecia solanivora Guatemalan Potato Tuber Moth Roots
Thaumetopoea pityocampa Pine Processionary Moth Leaves
Thaumetopoea processionea Oak Processionary Moth Leaves
Tineola bisselliella Common Clothes Moth Stored Products
Tinnea pellionella Case Bearing Clothes Moth Stored Products
Tortrix viridana European Oak Leaf Roller Leaves
Trichoplusia ni Cabbage Looper Leaves
Tuta absoluta Tomato Leaf Miner Leaves/Stems/Fruit
Yponomeuta malinellus Apple Ermine Moth Leaves
Zeiraphera diniana Larch Budworm Leaves
Zeuzera pyrina Leopard Moth Twigs/Branches/Trunk