See the table below for a list of pests that our products can help control.

Scientific Name Common Name Pest Damage
Agriotes lineatus Lined Click Beetle Stems/Roots
Agriotes obscurus Dusky Wireworm Stems/Roots
Agriotes sputator Common Click Beetle Stems/Roots
Anthonomus rubi Strawberry Blossom Weevil Flowers/Buds
Cosmopolites sordidus Banana Weevil Roots
Diabrotica vergifera Western Corn Rootworm Fruits/Shoots/Leaves/Roots
Ips typographus European Spruce Bark Beetle Trunk
Lasioderma serricorne Cigarette Beetle Stored Products
Oryctes elegans Elegant Rhinoceros Beetle Leaves/Stems
Oryctes rhinoceros Rhinoceros Beetle Leaves
Phyllopertha horticola Garden Chaffer Fruits/Leaves/Flowers
Prostephanus truncatus Large Grain Borer Stored Products
Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Red Date Palm Weevil Trunk
Rhyzopertha dominica Lesser Grain Borer Stored Products
Sitophilus granarius Granary Weevil Stored Products
Stegobium paniceum Drug Store Beetle Stored Products
Tribolium sp. Flour Beetle Stored Products